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  Because we design and manufacture our own products
we can and will protect your sales efforts.
You will never encounter other agents or distributors
offering the same merchandise as you.

RAYSUN X-1 Multi-Mode Police Weapon
We designed RAYSUN in the USA and assemble it in a government-licensed factory in Taiwan using US, German and Japanese components. Although we have only sold it since September 2008, several thousand RAYSUN are already in use by police and military around the world. Because it is a weapon, there are two ways of doing business with RAYSUN - the legal way and the illegal way. The legal way is actually easier and we will show you how. The illegal way will land you in jail (see full story here).

MURV-100 Robot System
is the most economical and effective way of handling the new terrorist threats of IEDs (improvised explosive devices) and WMDs (weapons of mass destruction). Since 1994 and all over the globe MURV-100 robots have been in the forefront of IED scouting, removal and disruption, hostage negotiations, entry into dangerous sites and spaces, plus scouting and investigating chemical, biological and radiation threats. We designed the MURV-100 Robot System in the USA where we also manufacture it,


TRANSIT Multi-Mode Hand-Held Metal Detector
alarms in 3 different modes (audio, silent vibration and light bar) as it detects any conductive metal, from pins, razor blades and keys, to knives and handguns, including ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel items. What's more, its sensitivity is automatically self-adjusting, TRANSIT is covered by a 5-year unconditional replacement warranty. If anything goes wrong, tell us and we will send you a free replacement unit immediately.


SuperStun™ High-Voltage Stun Baton
is an excellent, low cost, non-lethal tool for security, correctional, police and anti-riot operations, a more humane alternative to blunt-trauma or lethal force weapons. Our stun batons inflict pain and incapacitation without drawing blood or breaking bones, and without harming bystanders. Our stun batons are inexpensive, guaranteed and available in different voltages.


The Bull™ High-Voltage Stun Baton
Recommended for close-in combat in anti-riot, police and correctional operations when your men have to exert force that is non-lethal but cannot be resisted. No shootings, no beatings, no videos of police violence on the Internet. Our stun batons are inexpensive, guaranteed and available in different voltages.


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